November 14


Marine Park/Flatlands – Grant House Unity Provides Free Food To The Community

November 14, 2022

Grant House Unity Corp. is fulfilling a mission that started during the pandemic – “to provide human service support to alleviate hunger caused by food insecurity as well as other social services that help low-income and homeless individuals increase efficiency that will lead to self-sufficiency.”

Grant House Founder/CEO Ben DiCostanzo and Executive Director/Co-Founder Janice Fields recently spoke with the Canarsie Courier about the great work they are doing in the community. The non-profit’s main program is their food distribution program, which began in May 2020, and provides free fresh produce and dry goods, twice per week, to those in need, with a keen interest in those who are low-income, seniors and children,” Fields told the Courier.
The non-profit doesn’t just provide food to those in need and is in the process of developing new programs. “Our other programs we are in the process of providing is the job program, which is organized to function at the highest capacity. The health program will provide Vitamin C shots on a weekly basis, and the tutoring program will be for anyone needing help in math and science as well as help in obtaining a GED,” DiCostanzo said.
Grant House started out with a dream by its founder, based on a strong need and desire to create a nonprofit with a mission and goal of providing food to families so that no one goes hungry. DiCostanzo said, “We tirelessly scour the internet and we search all the different ways we can provide food and training to the public, through state organizations, other food banks, schools, caterers or private businesses that we have connected with.”
The success of their work is measured by listening to the individuals and pastors who come to their distribution location to tell them about the problems within their community. “They tell us how truly thankful they are that we are providing a service that is much needed and how our service brings about a positive light to individual living situations,” Fields said.
“As much as sometimes it gets very hard, we continue to focus on our vision to help as many individuals as possible get uplifting support and encouragement throughout their lives,” Fields said.
Grant House’s Food Pantry is located at 2046 Flatbush Avenue, between Baughman Place and Avenue P. Food Distribution takes place every Wednesday and Thursday. The line forms at 9 a.m., and doors open at 11a.m. until 4 p.m. For more information, visit their website at or call (631) 652-3700 or (718) 266-9700.

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