October 30


Marine Park – Curtis Sliwa Rallies the Troops at Floyd Bennett Migrant Camp Town Hall

October 30, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 44

Radio talk show celebrity, Guardian Angels founder and activist Curtis Sliwa spoke to over 250 fired up supporters at a Brooklyn Town Hall on the migrant camp at Floyd Bennett Field, held at the Knights of Columbus, at 3051 Nostrand Avenue, on Thursday, October 26th.

“Boo,” yelled the crowd, when a roll call of invited politicians who refused to show up or send a representative was announced at the meeting sponsored by Sliwa and radio talk show host Sid Rosenberg. Both work for billionaire John Catsimatidis, owner of 77WABC.

Sliwa, who grew up in Canarsie, was dressed in his signature red beret and jacket, made light of it. “They would die to have a crowd like this,” he said. “Next time we have meetings, we say it’s a fundraiser — watch, they’ll all show up.”

“I take everybody and anybody on if they stand in the way of the people,” Sliwa said of his willingness to put everything on the line, including getting arrested over 80 times. “I believe you people have the answers and you force the politicians to come up with solutions, because if not, forget it.”

He spoke about his family history and devotion to the flag, what it represented to him and many in the room as a uniting factor for all, no matter their political affiliation.

Sliwa termed the asylum seeker crisis an “invasion” that our elected officials allowed to happen without background checks, paperwork, medical checkups or vaccinations, often with privileges not afforded to others who are in the system legally.

For example, first generation immigrants must have a sponsor, wait years and “jump through hoops,” leaving family and friends behind.  Likewise, Ukrainian war refugees are required to have sponsors while the homeless population, including veterans, have a 10 p.m. curfew or they lose their bed in a shelter.

“The illegal aliens, they have no curfew,” he said, adding that he wanted to know how they get motorbikes/Vespas without a license or registration and break the laws while veterans end up sleeping in the streets.

He cited the high cost to house migrants in hotels and deliver culturally appropriate food at taxpayers’ expense, casting blame on Mayor Eric Adams who said that the migrant crisis will “destroy” New York City. He also lambasted Catholic Charities for allegedly profiting off of the crisis.

“Hell yes, because you let them in,” Sliwa said, further criticizing the mayor for his latest idea to give migrants tents to live in public spaces.

“You really think they care about these people?” he asked? “These people are pawns — There’s billions of dollars in what we call ‘human trafficking.’” Sliwa estimated that it costs $400 per day to take care of each migrant. “If you say contract, then I say kickback,” he said, also stating that money was the “mother’s milk of politics.”

Sliwa also stoked fears about terrorists coming through our borders as a very real possibility.

When told to work with the politicians, Sliwa said, “They do what they do in their lane, the lawyers do what they do in their lane, and stay the hell out of my way because I, with the help of communities, have closed down eight migrant centers.”

He stressed the need to have a plan, be relentless and know your enemy, referring to the city and state’s efforts to exert their will on the community. He outlined some of his strategies, methods and future plans, enlisting the help of community members who want to support these efforts.

“Most of you aren’t going to get involved in civil disobedience, but if we call for an act of civil disobedience, it would be nice for you guys and gals to be out there to show support,” Sliwa said.

Donald Cranston, representing Assemblywoman Jaime Williams, announced that the lawsuit to halt plans for the shelter will be heard in court on November 3rd. Williams previously testified in Congress before the House Committee on Natural Resources and held a walkthrough with committee members at Floyd Bennett Field during tropical storm Ophelia. Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis also announced in a press release that day that her bill to prevent migrant housing on federal lands will go to the House floor for a vote.

“Contact every single member of Congress and tell them, ‘Fix the immigration laws,’” Cranston said. Sliwa added, “We are for legal immigration.”

Curtis Sliwa spoke passionately about the migrant crisis impacting the city and the communities around Floyd Bennett Field.
Curtis Sliwa packed the room and received several rounds of applause during his presentation.
Curtis Sliwa and Donald Cranston, representing Assemblywoman Jaime Williams informed the crowd about the latest developments happening at Floyd Bennett Field.

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  1. Exactly! Legal immigration is all we are asking for. Treat all people the same. Take care of those who fought for all of us first along with families who are homeless. Help the legal immigrants as well but with reasonable expectations for funding after taking care of our citizens. Respect this country and this country will survive to help all who need it. I believe in what Curtis is saying.

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