August 16


Limited Edition MetroCards Celebrating Hip Hop Out Now

August 16, 2023

Special Pop Smoke MetroCards are now available at the Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway “L” train station and the New Lots Avenue “3” train station. The MTA has released a set of limited edition commemorative cards to honor Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary – “A Legacy of Rhythm, Revolution and Soul.”

Only 80,000 cards have been produced in total, featuring rappers Pop Smoke, LL Cool J, Cam’ron and the living legend, “The God” Rakim.

Each rapper is pictured in one of their most memorable photos.  L.L Cool J is pictured wearing his classic rope chain, Kangol hat and leather suit.  Rakim is poised up in front of a classic Mercedes Benz, in a black and white photo of the city when he was a younger rapper.

Pop Smoke’s picture is the same image that’s on his mural here in Canarsie.  Cam’ron is in his infamous pink fur outfit, still the talk of Hip Hop today.

The Pop Smoke card will be available exclusively at the Canarsie and New Lots train stations. The LL Cool J card can be purchased at the Forest Hills train station. Both Rakim and Cam’ron cards can be purchased at stations across the city.  All cards are available only at MetroCard vending machines.

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