May 23


Petting Zoo, Pony Rides And Good Food At Lag BaOmer Celebration

May 23, 2022

On Thursday, May 19th the Jewish community of Canarsie and Starrett City came together to celebrate Lag BaOmer with a barbecue instead of the traditional bonfire.

Rabbi Levi Tzfasman hosted the party at Young Israel of Canarsie, 1265 East 108th Street, with a petting zoo for the kids, which included rabbits, chickens, ducks and a very friendly goat who thought it was a dog and went for walks with anyone who would take his leash and lead him.  There was also a pony named Julia who gave all the kids rides as long as they petted her.

There were tasty hot dogs and barbecue chicken wings, which everyone couldn’t get enough of, and of course we can’t forget the scrumptious deserts – cotton candy and a bunch of different cakes.

The kids had a blast with the animals and the community had a lovely outing.

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