November 6


Kings Plaza – Fashion Meets Brooklyn

November 6, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 45

Fashion Week Brooklyn (October 14-22) took over Kings Plaza Mall on Sunday, October 22nd, marking the conclusion of a weeklong series of fashion shows throughout Brooklyn. The mall’s main floor was transformed into a major runway, and you couldn’t tell if you were in Paris or New York!

The first show took place in Park Slope, featuring a collection of clothes from Japanese designers. Each show had a different theme and showcased fashions from around the world. Rick Davy, the creative director of Fashion Week Brooklyn, co-founded the show alongside the BK Style Foundation in May 2006. For 15 years, Brooklyn Fashion Week has been recognized as one of the top five fashion shows, according to various publications.

The final show at Kings Plaza featured private label designers as well as retail stores in the mall. The Canarsie Courier spoke with several attendees who shared that casting for the show started months ago, and many of the models are regulars who have participated in the event over the years.

The crowds cheered as each model, of all ages and sizes, strutted down the runway. Host Kamia Millwood kept the crowd engaged and excited as each designer was presented.

Fashion Week Brooklyn also serves as a way for fashion designers, models and fashion professionals to connect with industry leaders by showcasing their talents in both private and public events. The models said it was a great way to build their portfolios. The team is already gearing up for Fashion Week Brooklyn 2024!

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