July 25


JASA’s Brooklyn Caregiver Support Program

July 25, 2022

Funded by the NYC Dept. for the Aging, the JASA Caregiver Support Program serves Community Districts 10-15 and 18 in Brooklyn, and their services are free!

To help people meet the challenges of caregiving for older adults, disabled adult children, or people with dementia, as well as to help kinship caregivers, they offer:

  • information on available sources of assistance
  • individual respite home care hours
  • senior adult daycare
  • caregiver support groups (by phone or via Zoom) for sharing practical information and emotional support
  • a bereavement support group for former caregivers
  • supplemental supplies, such as nutritional supplements and incontinence supplies
  • Much more!

For additional information, please call JASA at 718-934-4180.

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