April 17


“It’s Electric” at New York International Auto Show 2023

April 17, 2023

Car lovers visited the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan for the New York International Auto Show, where auto manufacturers showcased their latest designs and sporty colors, everything from Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Kia, Honda, Chevy and Subaru to Lamborghini.

There was a lot of emphasis on electric vehicles, the future of the automobile industry, at the annual show, which ran from April 7th to 16th.  Of course, there were also some good old-school favorites, like the Chevy truck!

Young and old car enthusiasts browsed, photographed and climbed behind the wheel of their favorite EVs. There were plenty of auto representatives on hand to answer any questions and assist with taking cell phone photos of smiling faces posing next to their favorite cars.

Perhaps the biggest eye catcher was a Lamborghini Sterrato dressed in olive green with black trim.  A wealthy man would probably choose the Lamborghini while a rich man might go with the latest Corvette!

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