May 9


Infrastructure and Civic Updates Top Flatlands Civic Discussion

May 9, 2023

In addition to talking about street improvements and quality of life concerns in the Flatlands area, Flatlands Civic Club, Inc. (FCC) had a successful April Zoom meeting and shared some news about their own initiatives.

Keisha Sydney, Community Coordinator for the Sesame Flyers youth organization, presided over the meeting usually spearheaded by the civic’s president, Joan Gilbert.
Councilwoman Farah Louis’ Constituent Services Liaison Sabrina Dieujuste spoke about a recent community walk-through where staff reviewed lack of parking, ponding on various streets and requests her office has received about keeping community streets safe.
“We’ve had about 300 requests for things like speed bumps and traffic lights,” Dieujuste said. “The Department of Transportation has to oversee and intervene in these requests – even if one accident happens at a block where requests for [signage] have already been made.”
One reported accident-prone location is at the intersection of Avenue I and East 51st Street, where drivers zoom through and make turns to and from Utica Avenue – also using that block to avoid catching traffic lights on Utica Avenue itself. While East 52nd Street has a light and speeding cameras at Avenue I, residents feel the neighboring corner should also have the same signage and precautions.
The group also chatted about internal civic updates, including the unanimous approval to raise their membership dues from $20 to $25. The increase will help the organization further fund Zoom meetings and inflating operating costs.
FCC members also approved of funding/awarding a scholarship in honor of their late president, Sam Palmer, who valued education and youth. As such, the organization’s Sam Palmer Scholarship Award will be doled out to the most improved student at a local school who has been involved in community service. FCC will distribute guidelines for the scholarship to principals, parent coordinators and other school representatives who can help identify eligible teens. The amount of the scholarship wasn’t revealed even though they plan to give the honor in June at the closing of the school year.

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