August 29


Improved Pathway for Canarsie Cyclists

August 29, 2023

Bikers commuting to and from Canarsie now have an upgraded bike lane near Canarsie Pier with enhanced safety features, thanks to a $1.9 million project to build a new section of grade-separated, two-way bike lanes on Shore and Rockaway Parkways, managed by the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

The “Canarsie Pier Connector” provides a direct link between the existing biking network and the Canarsie Pier entrance to the Jamaica Bay Greenway and Gateway National Recreation Area.
“This represents a significant safety upgrade for cyclists who previously had to navigate the Belt Parkway exit ramps and the traffic circle at Canarsie Pier in order to access Jamaica Bay,” stated Thomas Foley, DDC Commissioner. “The DDC’s internal project management team recognized an opportunity to accelerate this project with substantial cost savings. They diligently pursued it and achieved success.”
Frank, a resident of Canarsie for the past six years, has been utilizing the pathway since its opening. He finds it commendable but questions why only one side of the road was improved. He also urges the placement of “yield to pedestrian” signs, as bikers are encountering accidents with cars.
Phil, a Canarsie resident from the East 90s who has been active in the neighborhood for two decades, praised the elevated bike path. However, he raises concern about motorcyclists frequently using the path. Although the path was primarily designed for bicycles, it has seen misuse by motorcycles. Phil hopes that the city can implement measures to prevent motorcyclists from accessing the path.
Construction on the pathway commenced in June 2022 and concluded on June 30th of this year, a full year ahead of the original completion date. Crews worked during daylight hours to replace and install 1,000 feet of curbs and 12,000 square feet of sidewalks, transforming this vision into a reality. The project was more than $1.45 million under budget, and funding was provided by DOT and NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s Office of Resilient Homes and Communities.
Eight old pedestrian ramps were upgraded and five new ADA-compliant ramps were installed while six trees were also added to the area. Nine new catch basins were installed to improve drainage and two fire hydrants were replaced with new ones.

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