June 5


Head of Flatlands Civic Club Makes Plea to Community

June 5, 2023

“I get by with a little help from my friends…” may be a popular tune by The Beatles, but it’s also a sentiment echoed by many organizations and civic leaders who are trying to network and keep their community causes vibrant!

Joan Gilbert, president of Flatlands Civic Club, Inc. (FCC), hosted the group’s monthly meeting via Zoom on May 25th, along with a personal message and request for their supporters.

“In order to stay resourceful and sustainable, I’m reaching out to the community to ask for help,” she told the dozens of participants on the call. “One person running a civic just won’t work. One of the things I need help with is being able to reach those who have landlines and aren’t able to join us on Zoom video because they don’t have the technology or they have a difficult time using their cell phones for these meetings. It’s still important for those residents to have access to us and to be able to join on a monthly basis, but I cannot do it alone anymore.”

Gilbert acknowledged the fact that many older members – and residents – are wary of using their cell phones via virtual meeting platforms. Some do not even understand how to utilize the video options on platforms like Zoom.

“If you’re joining us on a landline, that’s okay. But, in light of that, it would also be helpful if I can have an assistant when it comes to coordinating e-mail invites for those with landlines who want to call into meetings. No one should be left out of getting those alerts. Someone’s technological circumstances shouldn’t keep them from being a part of our meetings,” Gilbert added.

If anyone from the Flatlands community – and surrounding areas – would like to support Gilbert in her mission to keep FCC running more effectively and efficiently, please e-mail her at: flatlandscivic@gmail.com.

A lucrative opportunity, called “Silver Corps,” for older residents was also presented by Mayor Eric Adams’ Community Affairs Unit spokesperson Anastasia Yaskova, who regularly attends FCC meetings.

“The mayor recently launched a great pilot program for older New Yorkers who still want to be out in the workforce – but in a different capacity,” she told those on the call.

According to Yaskova, Silver Corps is a new workforce development program for older residents that will increase financial mobility, combat ageism and fill employment needs in local communities.

To qualify for Silver Corps, candidates must be:

-At least 55 years of age

-Currently unemployed or underemployed

-Willing to participate in skills training and specialized certification programs

-Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per week at a non-profit city agency

Those interested in this program can contact Aging Connect at 212-AGING-NYC (212-244-6469) or e-mail silvercorps@aging.nyc.gov. You can also e-mail Yaskova at Ayaskova@cityhall.nyc.gov.


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