May 8


Harlem Jazz Night at Canarsie Library

May 8, 2023

About 43 teenagers gathered to read, dance, play and eat at the third Teen Takeover event, held at the Canarsie Library, 1580 Rockaway Parkway, on Friday, April 28th.

Teen Takeover events are held in various Brooklyn Public Library locations, after the library closes, and are organized entirely by teenagers. Aaron Corioh,18, a Teen Takeover staffer, told the Canarsie Courier, “It is a very safe place for teenagers to be.”
This month’s theme was “Harlem Jazz Night” and some of the teens came “dressed to impress.” There were also raffles, and four teens went home with gifts presented by the library staff, who also shared information about the program and announced an upcoming event.
The Teen Takeover program has succeeded in bringing teens back to the library. Shoshana, an 11th grader who lives in Canarsie and attends McKinney School of the Arts, enjoys reading nonfiction books. She told the Courier, “The library is a very nice place to hang out.”

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