October 31


Happy 17th Birthday to New York’s Youngest Author, Anaya Lee Willabus.

October 31, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 44

For the past nine years, Anaya has been actively traveling locally, nationally and internationally to promote her four published books, promote literary and the empowerment of our youth.

Anaya has also been actively running track during the spring season while playing soccer at school and for the Guyana National Lady Jaguars junior team.

When she’s not at school or playing sports, Anaya is still very involved in making a positive impact in our community by leading as the President of First Responders Leo Club.

Anaya also enjoys spending time with her family and friends as a way of unwinding and relaxing!!

Best wishes for an enjoyable 17th Birthday from your family, friends, supporters and your Canarsie Courier family!!



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