December 12


Getting External Help For Your Business

December 12, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 50

Running a business may be very hard work especially when you are trying to grow it and start. You sometimes end up doing various things yourself, even if you might not be very skilled at them, because you might not have the money to pay many staff members and can sometimes fall short in those areas by not having expertise in the role. Hiring staff could come with additional expenditures, such as paying for holidays, health insurance, and other fees. However, if you look for external help to work for your company, those who work for you will do so as independent contractors and freelancers rather than as employees. This will give you more freedom to work on your business the way you want. You can focus on the growth, product design and the elements of the business you love and what made you want to start it. 

Answering Phone Calls And Queries

Just like a receptionist you can outsource basic queries to a third party. They can then reply to them by email with the information that you would. With common questions and queries, you can give them the knowledge and responses that they will need to reply with. Then if anything more challenging comes through they can seek guidance from you without you having to spend the time and effort in replying so you can focus on other things. 

Website Management 

If you have a website for your business different elements of it will need to be maintained and managed. If you have a chat messenger service on your website you can normally set it up with automated responses for specific questions but you can have someone monitor them between certain times and reply instantly if needed. A website will also need new products added, prices and sales amended as well as changing things to sold out. It is all things that can take up your precious time. A blog is a great thing to have on your website as it can help attract people to your site. It is beneficial to have someone trained in SEO to be able to write well-written and effective articles which will appeal to your target market and entice them onto the website.

Social Media Management 

Social media algorithms and trends change so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with them. With videos being the main source of what people are posting as well it can take quite a lot of time to create the post, edit it and post it on the social media platform. Having external help from a social media manager and expert will take away that stress and worry and they will be able to come up with good ideas of what to post, execute it and then analyse it after to see how well it performed. 

It is important to not try to do everything yourself and accept help from people who are experts in their field and can help your business grow and thrive. 

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