August 1


Gerritsen Beach – City Completes $28.9 Million Upgrade of Streets and Infrastructure                               

August 1, 2023

$28.9 million project to upgrade streets, water mains and sewers in Gerritsen Beach was completed in May with construction taking nine months shorter than expected and with more than $3.5 million saved from the original $32.4 million budget, according to the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

Construction began in June 2020, six months later than originally scheduled in order to adjust the design to accommodate specific requests from residents in the community, and ended in December 2022, three months ahead of the original schedule. DDC managed the project for DEP and DOT, and the design was completed by DDC’s In-House Design team.

The Gerritsen Beach project rebuilt more than 60 individual blocks in the neighborhood with new pavement, sidewalks and curbs, new signage, new pedestrian ramps and corner bumpouts that make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street. Overall, 317,000 square feet of roadway, 64,000 square feet of sidewalks and 8,240 feet of curbs were reconstructed. Because of the narrow streets in the area, the project incorporates a shared sidewalk design similar to what DEP, DOT and DDC employed in an ongoing upgrade of streets in Broad Channel, Queens.

Beneath the new streets, improvements were also made to the water supply and stormwater drainage systems. Almost 13,000 feet of old water mains were replaced with new pipes, as were 1,050 feet of storm sewers and 1,510 feet of sanitary sewers. Crews also reconstructed two bulkheads where the storm sewers discharge into Shell Bank Creek.

The project also installed 60 new fire hydrants to improve fire response and 72 new catch basins to help drain stormwater from the streets.

“Gerritsen Beach residents have long battled flooded streets and basements during heavy rainfall and storm surges, damaging property and requiring costly repairs. The completion of this $28.9 million upgrade of streets and infrastructure will go a long way to limit potential flood damage to homes in the neighborhood,” said Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse.

“The completion of the Gerritsen Beach infrastructure project is great news for local residents. Although this project took a long time to begin, its completion is a major boost to the community. Gerritsen Beach is now better able to withstand future dangerous weather events with improved sewers, drainage, roads and water mains. Thanks to the city’s DOT, DEP and DDC that worked on the project and special thanks to the Gerritsen Beach Property owners and President John Mooney who made sure the interests of the community were protected,” said Assemblywoman Jaime Williams, 59th AD.

This project was supported through a combination of funding that included resources from FEMA after Superstorm Sandy and funds from the New York State Senate.

Courtesy of Department of Design and Construction

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