November 21


Fresh Creek Civic Holds Fall Planting Event

November 21, 2022

Members of the Fresh Creek Civic Association (FCCA) have long been stewards of the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve and have taken particular care of the section at East 108th Street and Avenue M, conducting conservation and cleanup efforts several times each year. The group braved the cold, early Saturday morning, November 19th, to plant 200 daffodil bulbs at the site and distribute some 320 daffodil bulbs to their neighbors for planting around their tree pits for beautification.

Although it may seem like harsh weather for planting, mid to late November is actually the ideal time for planting daffodil bulbs, as the soil has cooled off but is still soft enough to work with, providing a protective effect upon the bulbs, which need a cold period to properly develop their roots. One of the first flowers to bloom at winter’s end, daffodils are symbolic in that they herald in spring, which the group usually commemorates with a seasonal cleanup.
Members of the FCCA also gathered five hefty bags of leaves at the preserve, which they reserved for the Department of Sanitation’s upcoming leaf collection event and will continue to maintain the area throughout the winter season as usual.

Photos courtesy of Maria Garrett

Five bags of leaves collected for pickup.

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