October 11


Former District 18 Parent Liaison Visits CEC To Encourage Civic Engagement

October 11, 2022

When Ivie Bien-Aime was part of the team at Bildersee I.S. 68, she worked hard as the Parent Coordinator to keep everyone connected to the academic resources they needed. Years later, when she became the Family Leadership Coordinator for the District 18 Community Education Council (CEC), she utilized those skills to help even more parents navigate the New York City school system.
On Monday, October 3rd, Bien-Aime “came back home” and joined the CEC 18’s monthly Zoom meeting to announce her newest role as Community Engagement Outreach Specialist with the NYC Civic Engagement Commission.
“This is a newly established agency that I began working with in August, and we’re all about Civic Engagement 101. Our mission is to increase awareness of city services,” Bien-Aime said. “It’s my job to bring information to underrepresented communities and foster school collaborations. Right now, we’re focusing on voting and making sure everyone’s voice is heard.”
Bien-Aime highlighted current community engagement sessions that are taking place – “The People’s Money 2022” and participatory budgeting.
“Our parents and students – ages 11 and older – have a say in how $5 million are spent in their district. We’re in the first phase of participatory budgeting, but I can come to your school and provide a thorough workshop on where your money is going, what programs are eligible for funding and how parents can get involved in the process,” she announced. “I’m also available to present general voting workshops and educate parents about the registration deadlines.”
For more information, visit participate.nyc.gov
District 18 Superintendent Celeste Terry followed Bien-Aime’s presentation with her monthly report and announced some useful additions coming to the Department of Education’s (DOE’s) online parent portal NYCSA (NYC Schools Account).
“There are some great new resources coming to this portal – including the ability to report bullying,” Superintendent Terry said.
The portal is an excellent tool for parents to access children’s’ grades, test scores and general school forms and includes classes in “Parent University.” There will be more features added to the portal within the next few months to make the site a “a true one stop” for parents to sign up for alerts and notifications from the DOE. Parents can register at schools.nyc.gov/learning/student-journey/nyc-schools-account. Enter a few basic details to start accessing the city’s portal and resources for your child.
The next meeting of CEC 18 will take place on Monday, November 7th via Zoom. For more information, call their District office at 718-566-6011/6037.
District 18 Superintendent Celeste Terry and Ivie Bien-Aime (NYC Civic Engagement Commission) discuss parent voting workshops.

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