November 14


Floridian Plaza Diner Attracts Customers with Live Performances and Menu Specials

November 14, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 46

About a year after its grand reopening, the Floridian Plaza Diner, replacing the original Floridian Diner, is still reinventing itself and evolving to continue attracting new customers to the restaurant.

These efforts to retain and attract business comes largely in the form of good customer service, a variety of live performances and menu specials to offer customers deals on meals.

“So many improvements as we’ve been open; it’s better and better,” said co-owner Sam Elbassiony. “They’re happy with us.”

Belly dancers visited the diner on November 10th, entertaining diners with their elaborate costumes and rhythmic dances. Every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. is karaoke night, and customers can participate if they have a bill of $25 or more. Bands performing decades hits regaled patrons with classic rock and more back on May 12th. This is just a sampling of the performances that take place at the diner on a regular basis.

The diner has a back room called the Chandelier Room, where the performances take place.  The room is also available to be rented out for parties of up to 95 people.

Naming it the Chandelier Room was also a new addition from the old Floridian – to make it stand out from the rest of the diner. The décor is largely similar to the room’s original state but upgraded to come across as elegant, not outdated. Customers attending events and performances can enter through a new side door that leads right into the Chandelier Room.

But it’s not just the renovations and events that make the Floridian Plaza a strong contender for your next outing. The updated menu includes several specials, like brunch on weekends, a lunch special, an early-bird dinner special and holiday menus.

Speaking of holiday menus, the diner is offering two special Thanksgiving menus — one for catering and one for dine-in. All catering orders must be placed by November 17th, but no reservation is required to dine in on Turkey Day.

There’s also a full bar and an on-site bakery churning out delicious drinks and desserts, respectively.

However, staff say the most special thing about the diner is the attentive and kind staff.

“I would say that’s what makes the diner really pop is the waitresses and the waiters,” hostess Tatiana Barrios said in an interview. “They’re really good greeting everybody and being nice to them.”

The Floridian Plaza Diner is located at 2301 Flatbush Avenue and is open from 7 a.m. until almost midnight every day.

Co-owner Sam Elbassiony, hostess Tatiana Barrios and general manager Adam Sharaf.
The restaurant offers booth, table and counter service.



The Chandelier Room holds live events and parties.
The Floridian Plaza Diner has a full bar and an on-site bakery, both operating daily.
The Floridian Plaza Diner is located on Flatbush Avenue, near Fillmore Avenue.

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