July 2


Flatlands Residents Start Summer on Positive Note

July 2, 2022

Brooklyn Public Library Supervisor of Community Outreach, Brenda Bentt-Peters
Members of Flatlands Civic logged in for meeting

Flatlands Civic Club, Inc. President Joan Gilbert invited the community to participate in the group’s final meeting before the summer hiatus, which was held via Zoom on Thursday evening, June 23rd.

Gilbert shared some good news regarding a chronic issue occurring near a vacant lot on Flatlands Avenue and East 56th Street. Although the general lack of upkeep, illegal posting of signs and ads, dumping of trash and the parking of derelict vehicles have been a nuisance and an eyesore for some time, the situation has become far more serious now that residents have observed rats and other pests at the location.

The civic president explained that a resolution is close at hand since State Senator Kevin Parker and Community Board 18 (CB18) came on board to assist her. CB18 discovered that the property in question is for sale and while they could not reach the owner directly, they were able to contact the listing agent with whom they discussed the importance of properly maintaining the site and the potential violations and citations they could face. She advised the group that Senator Parker had also liaised with the Department of Sanitation to have much of the signage and trash removed in the meantime and that the removal of derelict vehicles is imminent.

Gilbert also invited Brooklyn Public Library Supervisor of Community Outreach, Brenda Bentt-Peters, to discuss some of the services offered to the public at local branches. Bentt-Peters explained that the library is much more than a place to borrow books these days. They now offer everything from computer literacy training for seniors and summer reading for kids to legal assistance for immigrants and services for veterans, the homeless and the incarcerated. She invited members of the community to visit their local branch to learn more about programming.

Gilbert discussed her desire to expand membership and assemble a full board of officers, which would include a much-needed treasurer. She said that annual membership dues are just $20 and will be due in August. She also invited the community to attend the group’s next meeting in the fall, on Thursday, September 22nd.

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