December 5


Flatlands – Getting In The Holiday Spirit

December 5, 2022

Members of Serenity Community Garden gathered Sunday afternoon to spruce up the garden and get ready for the upcoming holidays.

Boxes of balls, lights, decorations and brightly-colored bows were hung on the two Christmas trees and all around the garden to create a Flatlands holiday winter wonderland to share with the community.

As they worked, some members cleared the autumn leaves that were still continuing to fall, while another member filled a table with baked goods, sandwiches, a jug of apple cider and other delights for the hungry volunteers. Some gathered in small groups to catch up with each other or meet new friends that came from as far away as Bensonhurst because they liked what they heard about what made the garden a special place.
The Bensonhurst resident said it was easy for her to visit the community garden because the bus comes straight across town and stops right by the garden.
A good time was had by all, with a crackling fire going and holiday music helping to remind each other of the reason for the season as everyone gathered in neighborly love. As they posed for their group picture, many said that this is what is needed in the world to combat all the negative things we see happening all around us.
Learn more about the garden located at 4402 Avenue L and how to become a member, donate or volunteer at

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