March 18


Flatlands – Council Member Narcisse Addresses the Community with State of the District Address (Brian Moreno

March 18, 2024

Residents gathered on Tuesday evening, March 6th, as Council Member Mercedes Narcisse of Council District 46 briefed constituents on the current status of their community in the annual State of District Address.

At P.S. 203 Floyd Bennett School in Flatlands, Narcisse discussed matters pertaining to Council District 46, which includes neighborhoods such as Canarsie, Flatlands, Marine Park, among others. Throughout speech, Narcisse addressed issues that concern the community, such as the restoration of parks, economic and health reforms, and the present handling of the migrant situation.

Students were involved throughout the program, such as the Girls Scouts from PS 276 reciting the pledge of allegiance and poetry readings done by PS 203 students Marwa and Habe Khan. Community resident Felina Backer sang the Star Spangled Banner and clergy from various faiths gave the invocations, recited prayers and recounted stories of Narcisse helping out throughout the neighborhood. Dr. Mecca Nelson echoed Narcisse’s efforts to rename a street in Canarsie after her late husband, U.S. Army Sergeant Mario Nelson, who was killed in action in the Iraq War.

Afterwards, Narcisse gave the State of the District Address to inform attendees on the handling of issues concerning the community.

“I’m here to ensure every New Yorker has access to the best possible medical care and services, said Narcisse. “I also have the privilege to serve on the committee on health, education, parks, transportation, criminal justice and sub-committee on Covid recovery.”

Narcisse introduced a bill that would amend the commissioner of the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services to annually submit to the speaker a report summarizing the mental health services offered and provided by city agencies to veterans; this bill ensures transparency and accountability. Also, a resolution was introduced to call on the state legislature to pass and for the governor to sign legislation to fully fund the Medicaid program to cover 100% of the course of care at New York City hospitals by the fiscal year of 2028, including a significant down payment in the fiscal year 2025 state budget.

Narcisse also recalled that the previous year, she partnering with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to provide over $15,000 to local businesses to install new awnings on their businesses.

“[I’m] a business owner in Canarsie and have a nonprofit, and I follow Councilwoman Narcisse to find out what’s going on in the community and find out how we can support it,” said Heidi Washington. She’s been relentless in pushing certain policies and standing up for her community, and tonight just shows all the things that she has been involved with.”

As the city continues to experience the migrant situation, Narcisse pointed out that it is a struggle as it has “continued to stretch out our resources and compassion.” The crisis has divided the community, as many are concerned about what is to come, though Narcisse understands the residents’ emotions and remains committed to not taking them personally and continuing to represent District 46.

“As an immigrant myself, I cannot stand for anyone to say anything that reinforces any anti-immigrant sentiments,” said Narcisse. “However, as an immigrant and legislator, I would say we need to put our political ego aside and come together on all little levels to pass sweeping immigration reform that controls the border and allows for more human processes for those seeking us out.”

Narcisse stated she understand the blacklash of handling the situation at hand, but will continue to ensure that people’s needs, including migrants, are met and dealt with.

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