April 25


Family Wellness Event Provides Resources During Challenging Times

April 25, 2023

Are you facing challenges as we navigate the “new normal” lifestyle? This was the theme at a Family Wellness Resource Event, held at the South Shore Educational Complex, 6565 Flatlands Avenue, on Wednesday, April 19th. The event was organized by Assemblywoman Jaime Williams and the Brooklyn Community High School for Excellence & Equity, which is located at the South Shore campus.

Multiple vendors, including private and city agencies, presented their services to participants, where they not only informed them, but also assisted them with the best services to fit their needs. Among them was the Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit, which connects New Yorkers to key city services like GetCoveredNYC that offers assistance with health insurance enrollment, and CAMBA – “where you can,” which provides resources for children and adults. My Time Inc. was also there, offering support to parents of children diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities.
Robin Simmons, a 13-year veteran Parent Coordinator at the Brooklyn Community High School for Excellence, came up with the concept for the resource event. Although there are a lot of resources available for the community, she thought it was important to bring them all together in one event. This was accomplished with the approval of Principal Jennyvi Fajardo and support from Regina Barber, Parent Coordinator for the Academy for Conservation and the Environment, also located in the South Shore building, and Principal Eugene Mazzola.

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