January 25


Expanding Mental Health Services In Canarsie

January 25, 2022

Members of Community Board 18 (CB18) expressed their concerns about an automotive service repair station in Canarsie that is seeking to extend the term of their variance, which would allow the business to continue operations for another 10 years.

A representative for the auto repair, located at 1415 East 92nd Street, at the corner of Avenue L, told attendees at the January 19th meeting of CB18 that the establishment, which has been operating since 1992, does not plan any construction at the site and will “continue operations as is.”  The variance expires on June 2nd, and a notice was provided to the community, advising that an application was being submitted to the community board for approval.

Cars being repaired by the service station block parking spaces for residents, one board member said, stating that an official complaint had been made.  The owner said that they have been parking more cars in their lot since the complaint, are trying their best not to block streets and will be more diligent going forward.  They also ask their customers to pick up their cars on a timely basis.

There is a school on the block and another board member said that there are double and triple parked cars at dismissal.  “There is only one stop sign there – no stop sign on Avenue L, only a stop sign along East 92nd Street.  What are you going to do about this?”  she asked.

The owner stated that there have been many accidents at the corner and that he has been trying to get a stop sign at the location for 10 years.  A representative from the Department of Transportation was on the Webex call and said that she would assist with the stop sign.

Megan Kleinman, one of the directors at Interborough Developmental and Consultation Center (IDCC) gave a presentation on the programs they provide to residents in the Canarsie area.  The agency, which is currently located at 9413 Flatlands Avenue,  just purchased a space at 1285 Rockaway Avenue, right next to the 69th Precinct.

“We’re in the process of applying for grants in order to modify the space so we can continue to expand our services to the community.  We’re very dedicated to supporting as many people as we can,” Kleinman said.

IDCC is one of the largest mental health providers in Brooklyn.  They provide in-person and virtual mental health services for children, adolescents and adults. Kleinman said they treat children who have ADHD, adults who are bipolar or just people who need someone to talk to.  IDCC provides Creole, Spanish and Bengali speaking therapists and psychiatrists, family therapy, marriage and group counseling, as well as substance abuse counseling.

“We don’t just focus on mental health; we also have medical offices that we can refer clients to if they are in need of primary care,” Kleinman said.

IDCC is open Sunday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Call 718-272-1600 for more information.

Callias Zeng, coordinator of GrowNYC’s Stop ‘N’ Swap Program, talked about free community events run by the organization’s GrowNYC’s Zero Waste Program, which reduces waste by composting, recycling and keeping items out of landfill.

As coordinator, Zeng is looking for local community groups to host Stop ‘N’ Swap events in all 59 community boards across the city.  Residents can donate gently used items, like clothes, toy and games, but are also welcome to take whatever items they may need.  Volunteers are welcome too.

“It’s our goal to host one event in every community board by June 30th,” Zeng said, while asking if anyone knew of a suitable venue in CB18 that could hold 20 tables.

The next meeting of CB18 will take place on Wednesday, February 16th, in person and virtually.

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