October 25


East New York – It’s Fright Night On the Seventh Floor!

October 25, 2022

It’s a haunted hallway!  The seventh floor of 875 Pennsylvania Avenue looks more like “Transylvania” Avenue!  The entire hallway has been transformed into a scene out of a horror movie, thanks to the creativity of a special resident of the Penn-Wortman Houses, Elizabeth Figueroa.  She’s been conjuring up the frightful display for 41 years, so she has a lot of practice.  There are ghosts, ghouls and goblins galore along with scary clowns, skeletons and a real live werewolf!

Each year, Figueroa dedicates her dastardly display to someone special.  This year, she is dedicating it to the poll workers of America, especially everyone at 345 Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn, including Jacquelyn Mealy and Kaseem Edwards, both amazing Board of Elections workers.

Figueroa, a poll worker herself, is pictured with Easton Andino, 7 years old, Micaly Andino, 12 years old, and Willy the Werewolf!  Happy Halloween!

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Figueroa

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