August 9


East New York – Iconic Multiplex Movie Theater Sold!

August 9, 2023

Grocery giant Food Bazaar has purchased the Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas, located at 2784 Linden Blvd., along with the land it occupies, for over $40 million. As reported by Crain’s New York, the food franchise completed the purchase on July 27, 2023. Bogopa Enterprise, the company that owns Food Bazaar, secured a $44.9 million mortgage from Acore Capital to acquire the landmark building and the 8.6 acres of land.

The establishment in East New York is owned by the Massachusetts-based company National Amusements. Linden Theater has been a fixture in East New York since its opening in 1998. Initially designed to accommodate 3,200 patrons, the multiplex theater’s seating capacity was reduced to 2,600 after the COVID pandemic.
According to the company’s website, Bogopa is described as a family-owned business operating full-service supermarkets in the tristate area. One of the company’s Food Bazaar supermarkets is situated on Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie. The company’s primary focus is to establish supermarkets in “underserved” communities.
It remains uncertain whether the Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas will be closed or any future supermarkets placed on the 8.6 acres of land. The transaction between the parties is structured as a sale lease. Despite attempts to contact both parties, no response was received prior to the publication of this article.

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