April 14


East New York – Easter Display Dedicated To Local, Lovely Ladies!

April 14, 2022

Elizabeth Figueroa is at it again – beautifying the seventh floor of her Penn-Wortman home, at 875 Pennsylvania Avenue!  Easter is just around the corner – Sunday, April 17th to be exact – and Elizabeth has been a busy bunny decorating her hallway, a tradition that she has kept going for 40 years!

She loves creating beautiful displays that put smiles on everyone’s face, and she’s “egg-cellent” at it too, as she’s had lots of practice.  She decorates for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween too.  Her grandchildren, Micaly Viard, 11, and Easton, 6, both pictured, are “egg-cited” to be part of the decorating committee, along with Willie Echevarria, who always lends a helping hand.

This year, Elizabeth is dedicating her “egg-travagant” display to all the “strong women of her community” with special shout-outs to Monica Morales of PIX11 News, Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas, Evelyn Laporte, Francine Cutler, Louise-Ann Bechet (R.I.P.), the women at LINC Literacy and the ladies at the Canarsie Courier (thank you, Elizabeth!).




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