June 12


East New York – Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School Makes it Look Kool on Multicultural Day

June 12, 2023

The students of Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School, 574 Dumont Avenue, had an awesome Multicultural Day event this year. Not only did they celebrate their diversity and aspects of their culture with song, dance, music, art and food, they also had a “kool” lesson in entrepreneurship from local business owner Kirk Remekie.

Remekie, who successfully launched the clothing brand, Making It Look Kool (M.I.L.K.), While Inspiring Others, in 2016, also manufactures school uniforms for Brooklyn Gardens Elementary and other area schools. The young CEO conducted a workshop at the Multicultural Day event, where the students created their own versions of “kool” on t-shirts, the intent being to inspire them to tap into the M.I.L.K. mentality.

“Everybody has different things that resonate with them, different things that are “kool” to them,” the hardworking entrepreneur stated to the Canarsie Courier. “I wanted to give the kids an opportunity to represent whatever it is that’s “kool” to them within their community or within their culture, on the shirts.”

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