June 11


East Flatbush – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

June 11, 2022

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Faculty at Elsa Ebeling P.S. 208 held its annual Career Day on Thursday, May 26th via Zoom, where professionals from various fields educated elementary school students on their careers and gave insights into what they do day-to-day to succeed.

Although the presentation still takes place virtually, that didn’t stop the students’ eyes from lighting up when their interest was peaked. Career Day was filled with exciting speakers from occupations such as an ER Doctor, Librarian, Firefighter, Prosecutor, Electrician, Social Worker, Claims Adjuster, Influencer and Personal Finance Reporter from CNBC. Each individual had a chance to explain how and why they started their career, what it entails and how they got there. Students were encouraged to participate, inquire and ask questions to satisfy their curiosity.

Why is it so important for schools to conduct these events? First, it reveals a variety of careers to students that, perhaps, they would have never considered. According to explorelearning.com, it’s always beneficial to broaden students’ minds intellectually and socially. Bringing guests in to discuss their daily job obligations teaches the students “firsthand” how they connect with their community. Lisa Hobson, P.S. 208 school counselor, explained, “We have been doing Career Day for years. We think it’s essential for our children to learn about a wide variety of career opportunities to help them determine their goals. Hopefully, after today, the children can make a connection between education and their future.”

P.S. 208 is located at 4801 Avenue D.

To learn how your school can get involved in Career Day, visit weteachnyc.org

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