April 28


East Flatbush – Kade Lewin, 12-Year-Old Shooting Victim, Laid to Rest

A viewing was held for 12 year old Kade Lewin who was shot and killed sitting in a car having dinner with his 9 year old cousin and 20 year old aunt.

Kade Ashton Tyler Lewin will never see his 13th birthday.  His life was tragically cut short when he was caught in the crossfire of a hail of bullets, while innocently sitting in the passenger seat of his cousin’s car on March 31st.  A homegoing celebration was held for the 12-year-old Brooklyn boy last week.

Heartbroken family and friends gathered for a Thanksgiving service honoring Kade’s life at New Life Tabernacle, 4905 Avenue D, on Wednesday, April 20th.  Kade, who loved football, basketball, video games and movie nights with his mother, Suzette, was pronounced dead at the scene of the senseless shooting, on Linden Boulevard and East 56th Street.

Kade was eating dinner in the car with two family members when gunmen from two other cars exchanged gunfire, striking Kade in the head and his cousin, Jenna, multiple times (see “Innocent 12-Year-Old Killed in Crossfire,” Canarsie Courier, April 7, 2022).  Kade’s 8-year-old niece, Kylie, who was sitting in the rear of the car, was not injured.

A family spokesperson said, “We are devastated about these events. Kade was smart, funny and he loved life.”  Jenna, who is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries, was unable to attend Kade’s funeral.

Mourners paid their respects to Kade, dressed in a white suit, laid out in a casket lined in white and containing some of his favorite things – a basketball and football – while an organ played in the background.

A 7th grade student at Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy, Kade’s classmates wore t-shirts with his picture on it.

As of press time, the shooter(s) responsible for cutting Kade’s life short have not been identified.

Kade Ashton Tyler Lewin was laid to rest at Canarsie Cemetery on Thursday, April 21st.  Rest in peace, Kade.

Photos by Lloyd Mitchell

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