June 26


East Flatbush – Flight 109 Debuts as Part of School’s Multicultural Week

June 26, 2023

P.S./I.S. 109 manifested and created a masterpiece! H.O.W. Experience Founder and PTA President Mrs. Torres, along with John Cooper of Wess Films, brought to life a multicultural celebration. Principal Kerdy Bertrand implemented a friendly competition within the school building. Each wing was given a continent to represent by decorating their section to showcase the beauty of that area of the world. The decor was then used as the setting for scenes in the film, Flight 109. Students were tasked with studying, researching and learning fun facts to gain cultural knowledge. Celebrating our differences, as well as our similarities, helps bring us together.

The bright idea of Assistant Principal Dr. Williams sparked the wonderful film, Flight 109.  The storyline depicts a young girl (4th grade student Aliyah Jeanty), her mom (Teacher Diana Wright) and grandpa (8th grade student Hans Genevil) taking an unexpected tour of the world.  Assistant  Principal Ms. Straker (travel agent) convinces them to go to Europe as their first stop.

As part of Multicultural Week, scholars performed mini shows such as dancing, singing and a fabulous fashion show. Each event helped in educating and providing a visual of different cultures through music, clothing and dance. One student, Phoenix Torres, represented Australia. She created, modeled and presented clothing based on the aboriginal people. Djoulaysie Remelus, also a student, sang a rendition of “Haiti Cherie,” which captivated the audience.

The  school community joined in on the celebration.  Teachers, paraprofessionals, school nurse, school safety officers, Parent Coordinator Ms. Matthew, crossing guards, P.S. 109 Dean, custodial staff,  parents and even the Community School Director Ms. Tawana Wright played roles in the short film. Principal Brown of neighboring school P.S.198 also had a cameo for an added surprise.

Students were provided with snacks and refreshments by the Parent Teacher Association of P.S.109 while entering the school auditorium to enjoy the movie premiere. Laughter could be heard throughout the halls with thunderous claps of excitement and celebration. Students’ eyes lit up to see familiar faces on screen. For your enjoyment and so you too can Travel the World Without Leaving NYC,  visit https://youtu.be/xY-K5cJ1F28

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