January 30


East Flatbush – Energetic Talent on Display at New American Academy Charter School

January 30, 2023

By Dara Mormile

No matter how many times you may have watched the phenomenal show, America’s Got Talent, you’ll never really know how much effort goes into those renowned competitions!

Students at the New American Academy Charter School had a taste of testing their stage skills when the elementary school, located at 9301 Avenue B, held their 2nd Annual Talent Spectacular on Friday, January 27th, and there was plenty of competitive entertainment!

Proud coordinators/teachers, Camille D’Oliey, Latara Bell and Patraice Harrow, worked with students in kindergarten through 1st grade who tried out for the Talent Show competition in November 2022. They did their best to make the experience a meaningful form of entertainment which showcased their unique skills for parents and staff alike. In the style of typical talent competitions, there were try-outs, auditions and rehearsals – but many students had the advantage of also practicing their performing passions in afterschool programming.

Students wowed the audience with their talent through singing, dancing, martial arts and a magic show that pumped plenty of energy through the crowd. With two parent judges and two staff judges, all performers were winners but a few walked away with the prestigious title and talent trophy!

The show’s coordinators told the Canarsie Courier that they were excited about the competition and were proud of how much dedication everyone displayed collaboratively.

“It really was a fierce competition and we’re proud to see how hard our kids worked to make this come together,” said Bell. “They were so excited to put on this show and it teaches them to be their best and put themselves out there no matter what.”

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting – or at least mimicking fighting – as they demonstrate martial arts moves during the competition

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