August 4


District 22 To Identify Their Top Priority Issues

August 4, 2022

Members of Community District Education Council 22 (CEC 22) met virtually via Zoom on Tuesday evening, August 2nd. The very first meeting led by the group’s newly-elected President, Oluwaseun Salako, covered a plethora of important topics.
In addition to discussing an amendment to the group’s bylaws that would allow for virtual attendance at future meetings, finalizing school visit assignments and receiving updates from the board’s various committees, members had the opportunity to engage directly with leaders from the Department of Education’s Office of District Planning (ODP).
Although it is not widely known, the ODP plays a very major role in some of the most important functions that occur within the school system. Their data collection, analysis and strategic proposals inform decisions that affect students citywide like zoning, school closures, mergers, resiting and enrollment matters.
Members were afforded the opportunity to share their concerns and express what they believed to be the most urgent needs of the District with representatives from the ODP, who assured the group that they would imminently be made privy to all of the most recent data and then have the opportunity to discuss everything at length after reviewing the materials.
In light of the fact that the first day of school is quickly approaching, District 22 Family Support Coordinator Linda Dalton shared a link to a page of key resources for families and a wealth of invaluable information, which is available at
The next meeting of CEC 22 will be held on Tuesday, September 6th at 6:30 p.m.

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