August 29


Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse Holds Community Event For A Healthy Cause

August 29, 2022

As the summer comes to an end and the fall ignites new beginnings, Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse of the 46th district reminds the community to make a healthy start!

The sun was blistering on Saturday, August 27th, on the field at South Shore Educational Complex, located on Flatlands Avenue and East 77th Street, as Narcisse held her first Community Health and Wellness Fair, but that didn’t stop residents from attending the event. An RN for over three decades, Narcisse knows the significance of healthy living and how to live a healthy life to prevent potential complications in the years to come.
Her team covered all the bases to assist individuals from the community. Organizations joined Narcisse to provide information on healthcare, children’s services, emergency care training, financial well-being, mental health, cancer awareness and support, Medicare rights and LGBTQ support. Activities like Yoga, rock climbing, Caribbean Zumba, pickleball and soccer were enjoyed by families. In addition, a CPR training course provided lifesaving tips to attendees.
Narcisse’s goal is to lead by example and find ways to have reachable and achievable dreams. She told the Canarsie Courier, “The way to do this is create resources, community affairs and access to all ages.”
Narcisse, a resident of Canarsie since she was 17 years old, believes that some parts of Brooklyn have been neglected and Canarsie residents are the ones to suffer. She explained, “When population increases, the services have to increase. My goal as a registered nurse is to bring people together. At this event, we brought in services for everyone; as a community, we are a whole. As a city councilmember, I feel it is imperative to address not only what’s happening on the outside but to have a day that we can talk about real issues that we face.”
Among the volunteers were members of the Campaign against Hunger’s Farmers Market. Participants demonstrated to the crowd how to make a healthy rainbow salad that contained mashed chickpeas, avocado, red onions, red peppers, corn and Dijon mustard. Other stands gave out kale salad and fresh fruits to support more healthy foods for a healthy lifestyle.
Councilwoman Narcisse’s motto is clear – “Health is Wealth!”
To sign up for Councilwoman Narcisse’s Newsletter, please text 2282 and add a message “District 46.”

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