July 11


Comfort Station Under Construction In Canarsie Park

July 11, 2022

Construction began last month for a comfort station in Canarsie Park, and if everything goes as planned, the new facilities should be “flushed out” and ready for operation by October 2023.

The 750-square foot comfort station, which will be situated in the western section of the park, on Seaview Avenue and Paerdegat Avenue North, will come in handy for visitors using the playground area, cricket field or skate park, saving them a trip to the Field House, where there are existing rest rooms near the East 88th Street entrance to the park.

The project was announced, and unanimously approved, at a Community Board 18 meeting back in May 2015 with a projected cost of $1.4 million (see “More Quality Of Life Improvements Coming To Our District,” Canarsie Courier, May 28, 2015).

The building will have a flat roof, and a rain garden will be added behind the bathrooms to collect rain water running off the roof.

The funding for the project, which is now at $4,386,000, comes from several sources, including City Council, the Mayor’s and Borough President’s Office, and private funding.

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