April 10


Clergy Council Turns Up the Heat With Prayers During Vigil at Rockaway And Seaview

April 10, 2023

Despite the unusually chilly weather on Monday, April 3rd, members of the 69th Precinct Clergy Council gathered on the corner of Rockaway Parkway and Seaview Avenue to pray for the welfare of the Canarsie community and the rest of the Nation.

The prayer vigil was the third such held by the Council this year. As always, they offered prayers for an end to gun violence in the community which, according to reports recently released by the 69th Precinct, has declined. Petitions were also made for those in authority over us especially President Biden and his Cabinet, the sick, members of the NYPD, businesses in the neighborhood and the overall protection of everyone present.

The closing prayer was offered by Reverend Cecil Moonsam, president of the Clergy Council. He asked God to “touch their lives. Turn their hearts and their lives around tonight and we bless you for doing it in the precious name of Jesus. Let Your presence be on this hallowed ground, that every life that comes here must be touched by Your power.”

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