October 11


City Parks PuppetMobile Visits Canarsie Park

October 11, 2022

On Sunday, October 9th, constituents of Senatorial District 19 were treated to a fun afternoon with a puppet show that was held in Canarsie Park. The event was sponsored by State Senator Roxanne Persaud and City Parks PuppetMobile and supported by Millennium Development and Tropicalfete.

Children cheered as the colorful, PuppetMobile rolled into the park. Accompanied by their parents, they sat out in the open, munching popcorn and other snacks, while enjoying the variety show. At times, they joined in chanting and even dancing. The performances featured Pippi, Peter Pan, Princess and Emperor, among other characters.

In addition to the marionette show, there was an improv storytelling session where the children had fun entertaining each other. Volunteer Kamla Millwood, author of Peach The Duck, started a story and whenever she stopped, the child she pointed to continued the tale, letting his or her imagination run wild.

A representative from Tropicalfete showed the kids how to walk on stilts and also provided prizes for a raffle that was drawn afterwards.

Senator Persaud thanked everyone including volunteers from Brooklyn Transition Lions and Canarsie Lions for contributing to the success of the event.

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