January 9


Celebrating The New Year With Soup Joumou

January 9, 2023

On New Year’s Day, dozens of community residents visited the District 46 community office at 5827 Flatlands Avenue to take part in a Haitian New Year’s tradition with Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse.

Haitians celebrate the New Year and their nation’s independence by indulging in Soup Joumou. The tradition of eating the soup on New Year’s Day is a celebration of freedom, resiliency and heritage. Councilwoman Narcisse invited her constituents to join her in this celebration of Haitian culture, welcoming all her guests with a hot bowl of Soup Joumou.
“One of the best parts about living in New York City is sharing in the many cultures of the people of our great city. As such, it was my pleasure to celebrate New Year’s Day, which is also Haitian Independence Day, with friends and neighbors by serving Soup Joumou,” Narcisse said. ” I was delighted that so many people from different cultures joined us to celebrate Haitian culture.”

Photos courtesy of Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse’s Office

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