January 29


Letter To The Editor

January 29, 2023

Car Dealership on Nostrand Avenue Blocks Traffic, Causing Unsafe Conditions

To Editor-In-Chief:

For decades, hundreds of thousands of people have been late for work, school and appointments due to the Plaza Olds Plaza Auto Mall dealership at 2740 Nostrand Avenue, between Avenues M and N. They double-park in the street for customers and thus block buses and traffic. They have deliveries unloading in many areas. They park on the sidewalk, making it hard to safely pass. This is a fire lane hazard and very dangerous. The city buses go to the subway, a college and many schools. Ambulances can’t get through. There are two hospitals there.

The meter maids are there all the time and no tickets are given. It is obvious bribes. Many groups are uniting to complain to agencies on this and to all the newspapers.

Plaza Olds just took over the CVS property at Nostrand and Kings Highway and leveled it and recently picked up more stores. The deliveries should not be blocking rush-hour traffic and going during schooltime but staggered and done at another time. It could take the deliveries to the CVS property and later move it to the local dealership as staff is seen there all hours.

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