July 31


Canarsiens Want a Fast Ferry to Manhattan Now!

July 31, 2023

Canarsie residents made their cries louder than ever by organizing a rally at the Canarsie Pier on Sunday, demanding a fast ferry route that would connect Canarsie to Manhattan and offer additional transportation options for commuters.
A group of organizers from numerous organizations, such as My Time Inc, Fresh Creek Civic Association and CIA (Canarsie Improvement Association), along with Canarsie residents, are fed up with being ignored by Mayor Eric Adams and denied the opportunity for a ferry – something many area residents feel is much-needed in the community.

“It’s not right to have a system that serves northern Brooklyn … and southern Brooklyn only has the “L” train,” said Jibreel Jalloh, president and founder of the Flossy Organization.

“Our buses are overpacked, and we have a system that can take us to and from places of work, but you don’t bring it here.”
Jalloh was supported by countless other speakers who stood behind him, each taking turns to express how important a ferry would be to the neighborhood and their disappointment in Mayor Adams not delivering on a promise he made when he was borough president.
“Black and brown communities continue to suffer from lack of resources and investment,” said Kashif Hussain, the Deputy Public Advocate for Infrastructure and Environmental Justice.
“Canarsie is a majority black working-class community…this community relies on cars and as congestion pricing is coming fast and furious to our city, public transportation investments are crucial to keep communities like Canarsie moving.”
The group aims to take their rallies to the next level by sending letters to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.
They also plan on making their voices heard at City Hall in hopes of finally bringing a fast ferry to Canarsie.

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