September 11


Canarsie Merchants Association Gives Back to Community Again

September 11, 2023

Imagine getting off the train after a long, stressful day at work and walking into a party right there on the sidewalk. Well, that’s exactly the experience many commuters had on the evening of Thursday, August 31st, as they exited the “L” train at the Rockaway Parkway station.

The event, dubbed “Breakfast For Dinner,” was a pre-Labor Day get-together hosted by the Canarsie Merchants Association Inc., (CMA) who are always devising creative ways to show appreciation to their customers. Host Norine Medas, executive director of CMA, with the assistance of a few dedicated volunteers, dished out cups of corn meal porridge, pigeon pea soup, festival and callaloo, all provided for free, by nearby Golden Krust Restaurant. Another local merchant, Omeil Morgan, proprietor of “Wealth of Health Superfoods Market,” donated several jugs of soothing liquid refreshments, which included fresh coconut water, freshly pressed turmeric and sugarcane juices.
Many of the “guests” readily “shook a leg” and some seemed to have no problem getting down – yes, to the ground – as they responded to the rhythms from DJ Ross, another local merchant. “I know it’s pre-Labor Day and everyone will be shaking one way or the other,” Medas joked. But then again, perhaps they were just trying to work off the generous slices of delicious, gourmet cheesecakes from “The Pink Lady.”
“Breakfast For Dinner” was one of CMA’s “Culture on The Corridor” events which also provided an opportunity for home-based businesses to showcase their products.


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