September 18


Canarsie Literaturist on Track for 9th Publication

September 18, 2023

Vol. 103 No. 38

Having already published three books of poetry, five novels and currently working on her sixth, there is no doubt that Canarsie “literaturist” C. Dale Baldwin has a true passion for writing, especially of love, the subject often regaled in the world of academia as the very highest form of literature. Inspired by her husband, the places they travel to and of course a lifetime lived in Brooklyn, Baldwin has so much to offer her readers.

Though she grew up among the brownstones of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and tried condo-living with her husband in Midwood, it was in Canarsie that Baldwin ultimately decided to settle down, giving this neighborhood even more to be proud of. A lifelong lover of books, of Sydney Sheldon and Danielle Steel, Baldwin recalls reading novels voraciously all throughout college and later on as she commuted back and forth to the City on the “D” train for work, where she met her husband.
“After working for years with a desire to write and then being caught in the 9/11 disaster, God spoke to me and I knew it was time. I began my writing journey around 2013. My husband is my muse. I write about love, its triumphs, the good and the bad,” she explained. “I write about make-believe adventures with married couples and the male characters always come from a personality trait I see in him,” she said, of her inspiration.
“I actually began writing poetry because of unrealized emotions that only I knew – the emotions I needed to let out, that I know some others may feel also,” she shared, explaining that writing is therapeutic for her and that the words flow easily and come together regardless of whether the ideas are based on truth or are entirely fictitious. “I am so proud of all my work. It’s a part of me, my soul’ they’re my babies,” she said lovingly, and so they should be.
Readers looking for a romantic thriller set in New York will love Til Death Do Us Part: Filthy Rich, the story of a wealthy power couple whose secrets threaten to destroy them. Those looking for something deeper will enjoy the poems in Reflections of My Soul, which offer a glimpse at the darker side of love, the one that isn’t always true or good. There really is something for everyone in her collection, all available now on Amazon:

Songs of Celeste
A Woman in Love: Deception – The Beginning
Reflections of My Soul
Captive: Eyes of Genius
A Heart Felt Emotion
Til Death Do Us Part: Filthy Rich
A Woman in Love: Addiction
Bare the Dream
Love Times Love

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