May 6


Building Black Wealth Community Day

May 6, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 19

On April 13th, I, Barrington Richards of Fine Choice Realty and President of the Brooklyn Board of Realtors, had the privilege of attending the Building Black Wealth Community Day program presented by the Bedford-Stuyvesant Real Estate Board. This impactful event featured a panel of industry experts, including mortgage brokers, lenders, attorneys, a home inspector and a financial expert. The panel discussions covered four key topics:

  1. Wealth-creating strategies
    2. The keys to buying a home
    3. Navigating inherited property (“What to do with Big Momma’s house”)
    4. Empowering Black men to purchase homes

    The discussions were engaging, informative and professionally delivered, leaving attendees equipped with valuable insights and a wealth of real estate knowledge. The event was expertly organized, and all questions were thoroughly addressed, ensuring everyone left feeling empowered to pursue their real estate endeavors.

Barrington Richards

Brooklyn Board of Realtors-President

Lic. Real Estate Broker

Fine Choice Realty Inc.

170 Utica Avenue

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