November 28


Brooklyn Metropolis Lions Treat Vandalia Seniors To Thanksgiving Feast

November 28, 2022

November 24th marked the 14th anniversary of Brooklyn Metropolis Lions Club. To celebrate the occasion, the members teamed up with Mylah’s Organization Inc., Police Service Area 2 (PSA2) and the 75th Precinct to provide a robust Thanksgiving feast for seniors at Vandalia Senior Center, located at 47 Vandalia in Starrett City.

The gesture could not have been timelier for Simone Dundas, the center’s Director, who is recuperating from surgery and could not undertake the Thanksgiving preparations as she normally does. “Metropolis Lions are my angels because I couldn’t do what they have done for me today. When they reached out to me on my sick bed, I was like yes!  And I think that actually gave me the motivation to get well faster, to come out and make sure the day goes how I want it to,” Dundas, a “roaring” Canarsie Lion herself, declared.

Astrid Benjamin-Campbell (PMJF) Service Chairperson of Metropolis Lions, said, “It was a pleasure and perfect opportunity for Metropolis to serve.” The group worked well into the night on Thanksgiving Eve, with members of Mylah and PSA2 prepping, then rising early on Thanksgiving Day to cook up a storm. They prepared trays and trays of turkey with cranberry sauce, ham, fish, stuffing, rice, mac and cheese, string beans, potato salad, collard greens, steamed vegetables and much, much more.

State Senator Roxanne Persaud, also a Canarsie Lion, praised the team for their steadfast service. “Thank you, Metropolis Lions Club, for always showing up. This is what we do,” the senator stated, reiterating the famous credo, “Where there is a need, there is a Lion.”

After consuming their scrumptious Thanksgiving meal, many of the seniors got up and shook a leg.

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