May 20


Brooklyn Canarsie Lions Receive Prestigious LCI Award

May 20, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 21

At the 100th MD 20 Convention held in Binghamton, New York, May 3rd to 5th, the Brooklyn Canarsie Lions Club received a distinguished recognition from LCI (Lions Clubs International), the parent organization of Lions worldwide. The prestigious Senior Master Key was presented to the club’s President Lion, Dr. Jean Joseph, in acknowledgement of Brooklyn Canarsie Lions’ significant growth and ultimate contribution to the expansion of Lions Clubs globally.

According to Lion Joseph, the Brooklyn Canarsie Lions Club, which recently celebrated its 67th anniversary, grew exponentially in the last two years, adding 45 new members to its roster in 2023-2024 alone. The club now prides itself on having an enviable membership of 106.

“I feel incredibly proud of our hard work and dedication,” Joseph told the Canarsie Courier. “Building a strong membership base takes time, effort and a genuine passion for the Lions Club mission. This award is a clear recognition of our success. Seeing our efforts translate into a growing and impactful Lions Club is very fulfilling.  I have played a key role in bringing new members with fresh ideas and energy, ultimately strengthening the club’s ability to serve the community.”

PDG Lion Jacqueline Williams, president of the Past District Governors Association of 20 K 1, said, “We congratulate the 67-year-old Canarsie Lions Club for winning  ‘The Club Membership Growth Award,’ announced at the MD 20 State Convention, on May 5, 2024. Let us continue to serve our communities, to be impactful in our district and to lead and develop our membership.”

Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. According to LCI, “As the needs of the world continue to expand, so does the need for Lions to serve their communities.” Considered the largest service institution in the world, LCI boasts a membership of over 1.4 million but has launched a global initiative aimed at attaining at least 1.5 million members by 2027.

We serve! Together in Unity!

Lion Dr. Jean Joseph, president of Brooklyn Canarsie Lions Club, displays Senior Master Key award.
Members of Brooklyn Canarsie Lions Club.
New members of Brooklyn Canarsie Lions Club being sworn in by District Governor Antonio Robles.






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