February 7


Bishop Visits Canarsie School During Catholic School Week

February 7, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 06

Bishop Robert Brennan, Bishop of Brooklyn, visited Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy, 1696 Canarsie Road, on Tuesday, January 30th, as part of his Catholic Schools Week tour of schools throughout Brooklyn and Queens.  His visit marks the 50th anniversary of National Catholic Schools Week.

Bishop Brennan visited the STEM Lab where he participated with the 7th grade students in making Rock candy. He also visited the gym to watch some student competition and was inspired by the songs sung in music class.

“I was proud of the students I met at Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy, and I congratulated the faculty and staff that makes this school successful each and every day. I was glad I had an opportunity to visit with the students, to see their religion projects, their STEM Lab experiment and to learn that every member of the graduating class will be attending a Catholic high school,” Bishop Brennan said.

Since 1974, National Catholic Schools Week begins annually on the last Sunday of January and is a week dedicated to highlighting Catholic education throughout the United States. This year’s theme is: “Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community.”

Photos courtesy of John Quaglione/DeSales Media




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