January 31


Assemblywoman Appointed Chair of the Committee on Real Property Taxation

January 31, 2023

Assemblywoman Jaime Williams (D-59AD) begins the 2023 legislative session as the newly-appointed Chair of the New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Real Property Taxation.

The Standing Committee on Real Property Taxation is the Assembly committee that guides the conference on proposed legislation and various rules and regulations as it pertains to critical elements in the lives of New Yorkers; how real property is assessed and taxed, residential and commercial tax exemptions and abatements, and other policy decisions relating to property taxes in New York State.

“I am grateful for the distinct honor and privilege to serve as Chair of the Real Property Taxation Committee. All New Yorkers have been facing a long uphill climb as it pertains to the affordability of housing and ever-increasing property taxes. As a homeowner myself, it is my hope to lend a voice of reason and perspective to the Committee to ensure a fair approach to the taxation of real property in New York State,” said Assemblywoman Williams.

The Committee is devoted to analyzing and reviewing policies that will create more affordable housing for all residents of the State, while simultaneously spurring the building and construction industry.

Courtesy of Assemblywoman Jaime William’s Office


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