April 9


Art Is In Its Spring Splendor at BWAC 

April 9, 2024

Vol. 104 No. 15

From: Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) 

BWAC Contact: Garfield Harry, Arts Administrators 

Contact email: garfield@bwac.org 

BWAC Phone: 718-596-2506 

March 31, 2024 

On Saturday, April 13, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition throws open its doors to Spring and a new  season of art with three fresh, vibrant exhibitions: 

  • Realism vs. The Abstract 
  • Fine Grit: Art & Ideas in Wood 
  • Designed by Nature 

Realism vs. The Abstract, a national juried show, will explore two modes of artistic expression: realism and  abstraction. The exhibition juror Armando Jaramillo Garcia is an artist, poet, and author of The Portable Man,  an examination of the nuances of humanity which challenges homogeneity and oppression. He has lectured at  Mercy College, TRANS-CEN-DER Gallery, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Garcia will bring his  experience as art historian and poet to make formal connections between realism and abstraction, using the  basic elements of color, shape, and subject matter, to create a gallery-wide dialog of relationships between the  artwork. 

Fine Grit: Art & Ideas in Wood, is a national juried show of art that uses wood as a primary material. The  massive white pine beams and columns of BWAC’s splendid 1870-vintage warehouse space will provide an  intriguing setting for this exhibit of artwork displaying a range of techniques; from hand carving, woodcuts, and  pyrography to more recent technologies such as laser engraving and 3D printing. Wood, as a material born of  nature, with its own unique lifecycle and particular technical properties, can spark in artists myriad innovative  reactions. The show will be curated by Alicia Degener, artist and President of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists  Coalition. 

Designed by Nature is the theme of this season’s first BWAC members exhibition. Member artists explore the  richness and beauty of nature. This exhibition encouraged member artists to explore the natural beauty that  surrounds us to gain inspiration for their work, in all media and in any aspect or form, real or abstract.

All three shows open Saturday, April 13, and will remain on display through Sunday, May 12, each weekend  between the hours of 1 to 6pm, at the BWAC Gallery, housed in the historic Beard and Robinson Stores at 481  Van Brunt St. in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

About BWAC 

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) is an artist-run organization and an incorporated 501(c)(3)  nonprofit, operating the BWAC Gallery. For 45 years, BWAC has been exhibiting the artwork of local and  national artists with seasonal exhibits that include national juried and local member shows. These exhibitions  present a wide variety of contemporary visual arts from the traditional to the experimental cutting edge. The  gallery is housed in a massive Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront. Visit the gallery for the  best view of the Statue of Liberty in Brooklyn! The BWAC Gallery, 481 Van Brunt St., Red Hook, Brooklyn  11231, receives generous support from the O’Connell Organization and its many members and friends. Visit  bwac.org for more information on membership and exhibits, or to donate, and follow us on Facebook or  Instagram. 

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