NYPD 63rd Precinct Community Council Meeting

March 1


A Mix of Ongoing Issues and New Initiatives at 63rd Precinct Community Council Meeting

March 1, 2022

The 63rd Precinct Community Council had a good turnout at their monthly Zoom meeting on Wednesday, February 23rd  as law enforcement and local leaders gathered to share the latest updates with the community.

NCO Supervisor Sergeant Taisha Skyers told the audience of over 40 attendees that within a 28-day period, there was a spike in grand larcenies, and the usual scams, identity thefts and fake calls.

“If someone calls you about something you have no idea about, whether they’re telling you that someone is locked up…definitely, do not set up any accounts, do not Zelle any money, do not put money on a card for anyone,” she said.

She reported that the last shooting in a 28-day period was the one at Kings Plaza where three individuals were apprehended. (See Canarsie Courier, Feb. 03, 2022: https://canarsiecourier.com/kings-plaza-three-teens-arrested-in-mall-shooting-two-injured-by-gunfire-p8162-1.htm).

Car and vehicular issues continue to plague the streets. Skyers said that there were two fatal car accidents. She advised everyone to double check both sides of the street when crossing, whether as a pedestrian or in a car. She also reported that car break-ins and catalytic converter thefts are still a big issue, especially for the newer cars like Honda Accords.

Other problems involved abandoned and illegally parked vehicles. Skyers said that they have been towing in all the sectors, but several people spoke up that not enough was being done.

When Community Board 18 District Manager Sue Ann Partnow mentioned a major problem with abandoned cars around Bergen Avenue and Avenue T, Skyers explained that a lot of the times, it’s not a matter of towing the cars, but the amount of space available at the tow lots because other precincts are using them as well. Many of the vehicles don’t have plates or the plates are invalid, but Skyers said she will reach out again to the tow vendors and Sanitation.

In other news, Alexander Gurevich from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office gave an overview of a gang takedown in Brooklyn and the approach they have at the DA’s office to target shooters and those who are carrying guns in 2022.  He said that they were able to get an indictment on 17 gang members in early January on conspiracy to commit murder and a number of shootings that happened in 2020-2021 all throughout Brooklyn, including the Canarsie area.

“We are looking to target the worst of the worst,” Gurevich said. He mentioned that the numbers went up throughout the city in 2021, but that was not the case in Brooklyn, which had a 14 percent decrease in homicides and a little over 20 percent decrease in shootings; however, crime stats rose throughout Brooklyn and the rest of the city in the first months of 2022.

Community Council President Greg Borruso recognized Community Affairs Officers Thomas Podd and Ronette Benjamin who were both awarded citations for their outstanding service last month. (See Canarsie Courier, Feb. 01, 2022, https://canarsiecourier.com/community-shows-their-appreciation-to-rd-precinct-officers-p8160-199.htm). He also took the opportunity to thank 46th District Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse for the discretionary funding her office provided for the Lott House. He spoke of its historical value and how important it was to keep it going.

Narcisse expressed her support also for a farm in the Bergen Beach area that will teach kids about the importance of great food and how it is grown.

Assemblywoman Jaime Williams announced that there will be a blood drive on March 1st in Gerritsen Beach, a gang violence prevention workshop on March 3rd at South Shore Educational Complex and a Summer Concert Series in June. She is working on a waterways initiative for the southern end of Brooklyn and a healthy eating initiative in partnership with Cornell University to work with the schools to develop urban gardens. She has free COVID test kits at her office. Anyone interested is to call at 718-252-2124. Williams said she will run again for her seat in the 59th Assembly District in June.

Dimple Willabus, who was also present, announced that she will also be running for the State Assembly Office for the 59th District. She and others in her community have started a first responders Lions Club.

State Senator Roxanne Persaud said that she is working with other elected officials to ensure that that schools receive the funding they need for healthy nutrition initiatives. She was able to secure the release of $3 million for NYCHA across her district. She invited attendees to sign up for her weekly newsletter and request free COVID test kits while they are still available by contacting her office at 718-649-7653.

Borruso announced that National Night Out Against Crime will be held in Marine Park on Tuesday, August 2nd from 4-7 p.m.  They will try to make next month’s gathering on March 23rd a hybrid meeting where attendees can either join on Zoom or in person at the John Malone Center, located at 2335 Bergen Avenue, at 6:30 p.m.

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