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The Chabad of Canarsie and Starrett City celebrated the third night of Chanukah on Saturday, December 9th, as members lit a large menorah during an outdoor ceremony at 1390 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Chanukah, the eight day Festival of Lights, ends on December 15th.  Chanukah means “dedication” and celebrates the miracle of the oil that was used to purify the Temple in Jerusalem.  The Jewish people only had enough oil for one night, but the oil lasted for eight days.  This past weekend’s event brought the Jewish community together, in unity.  Rabbi Levi Tzfasman said, “It is now more important than ever that we lean into our faith. We are under a lot of stress, but the menorah signifies an area of light.”

Photos by Lloyd Mitchell

The Chabad of Canarsie and Starrett City celebrate the third night of Chanukah on Saturday night, December 9th.
Members of the Chabad of Canarsie and Starrett City at an outdoor menorah lighting on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I want to wish my Beautiful Wife, Lynn, a very Happy 68th Birthday on Saturday, June 10th. May all your dreams come true. All the Best. Love you with all my heart.

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Happy Birthday wishes to our co-worker, Lynn Gerbino, who celebrates her big day on Saturday, June 10th. We hope you have an enjoyable day with Anthony, away from all the phone calls, classified ads and chaos of the office!

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