March 5, 2024

The first Build the Block meeting for Sector C was held om February 29th, at Church at The Rock, 1288 East 92nd St. Chaplain Faith Williams opened the meeting with a prayer for the safety of the Officers and everyone present.   NCOs Gunvinder Singh and Carlos Delgado were joined by Crime Prevention Officer Peter Yuen in conducting the meeting.   Officer Singh updated everyone on crime statistics for Sector C which, according to his report, was doing quite well overall. He said year to date, there had been one shooting at a deli on Flatlands and 82nd which, thankfully, was not fatal.  Grand theft auto continues to be a major problem. Officer Singh urged everyone to ensure their vehicles, especially Kias or Hyundais, 2012-2022 turn-key models, are always secured. He strongly suggested using tracking devices to be able to locate vehicles in the event they are stolen.   Officer Yuen reiterated the need to exercise due diligence when responding to unsolicited calls from unknown individuals. He said scammers continue to “up their game” and warned everyone to be cautious about responding to calls requesting money for any reason. “Don't rush,” he advised. “Make a phone call and verify that your loved one has been arrested before sending money for their release.”  The Crime Prevention Officer also offered tips on how to stay safe while riding the bus or train late at night. “Remember safety comes first. Stay in groups and minimize the chances of anything bad happening to you.” Yuen also shared that between 10pm and 5am, if requested, bus drivers are permitted to drop passengers off at a stop other than a bus stop, if they deem it to be safe. He also suggested riding in train cars with the motorman or conductor, even if another car might be more convenient for you when you reach your stop.   Officer Yuen also suggested moving wallets from back pockets to the front or even taking similar items out of your handbag and securing them elsewhere. He advised being discreet with jewelry. “Turn rings around so the stone doesn’t show.” He also recommended teaching young children how to dial 911 and that everyone should make a practice of notating the address where they are so that that information could be relayed in case of an emergency.   Elba Melendez, Borough Coordinator at CERT, gave a rundown on how to prepare for an emergency. Some tips provided were to pack “go bags” for each member of the family. Include copies of important documents, names of medications, water and snacks. Also include crayons that could be lit in case there are no candles.                
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